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Body-Soul Connection

The more I love myself, the more I align myself.

The more I love myself, the more I align myself.

The more I love myself, the more I align myself.


I am grateful for the gift of seeing and caring and feeling and loving and understanding and knowing.

For the gift of forgiveness, for the gift of belief.

For the gift of trust, for the gift of not taking it too seriously.

For remembering.


Thank you, for the gift of memory in my cells, in my sacred body.

I remember that it is my purpose to fall in love with this sacred vessel.

None of it is mine by accident or by punishment.

No, it was given to me to serve me in my purpose.

When I love it, it is easier to remember more.

I came here on a mission but also was given a body with senses so that I may enjoy my time here.


There is so much enjoyment to be had, but you must stop to enjoy.

It demands your attention, to be felt, so you must give your self this attention to be let in.

You need to listen and care for your body in order for it to trust you and reciprocate.

It’s a RELATIONSHIP. You need to put some good in, in order to have a good experience in your body.


Thank it. Love it. Understand it. Care for it. Consider it. Worship it the way you would worship a great lover, or someone you look up to, or a sacred being who has been through a lot. Because you are, and have been, and will be all of those things.


The love you have for yourself is reflected in the infinite fractal of the universe. So raise the collective vibration by loving yourself. It is one of the most sacred, noble, and difficult things you will ever do.


So start with yourself. At the root of your experience of the cosmic fractal. And let it ripple out.

By loving yourself, you love everything and everyone. It is the medicine the world is crying for. We must start with ourselves. Everything else is a trick of the ego, an illusion.


Start with yourself. It is “selfish” and it is radical to say that making your self happy is the root of world peace, of raising Earth’s consiousness, and ending war.

But it is true, and it starts with you.

The collective thanks you for your courage and your bravery.